Friday, July 20, 2012

A Handful of Lessons

Although I had the intention of posting at least once a week throughout the Summer... the beach has proven to be quite a distraction. Luckily this week has provided me with an endless supply of rain and wind, forcing me to get back to work.

Despite the long days soaking up the sunshine, and countless nights spent with good friends, this summer has still been a constant reminder of why I love all that nursing involves...

Sunday morning started off the week with an excessive amount of blood, six stitches, and the constant changing and cleaning of bandages. Although Rob may pull off the 'tough guy' act 90% of the time... the aluminum can of crab meat won this week. While it was my day off, it was an interesting experience to be on the other side of the ER for once. From the questioning by the triage nurse to watching the PA weave all six stitches in and out, it was fun learning experience.

The week then moved onto pediatrics before I could blink. By Tuesday afternoon, I was knee deep in toddlers and newborns each fussing for a snack, a bottle, or a clean diaper. When most people would be ready to rip out their hair, I whipped out my funny faces and the skills I had acquired this past Spring in my clinicals. After balancing these seven month old twins on my hips, they finally calmed down and were able to play with themselves long enough for me to tend to the other two small children.

Regardless of how cranky children can become in a matter of seconds, I find them to be overwhelming adorable and they somehow also restore my happiness. Their diapers are also a much less daunting task than a 82 year old mans...

Moving onto Wednesday, my mom informed me that a close family friend had discovered a lump in her breast. She had been to the doctor for the biopsy and, after anxiously awaiting the news, it had thankfully been cleared as benign. Before I had decided to start this blog or commit to walking the AVON walk, I felt as if cancer had been completely void in my life. However, in the past 8 months I have realized that cancer is incredibly real and can attack anyone, of any age, without warning. Whether it is lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, or breast cancer, each can quickly become deadly if not caught and treated fast enough.

Through this experience, and this blog, I hope that, at minimum, I can encourage everyone reading to not tread lightly when it comes to your body. Let today be the day that you finally stop smoking cigarettes, that you finally upgrade from tanning oil to SPF 50, that you finally start going to your annual doctors check-up, or that you finally start checking your breast monthly. Life is all to precious and a few hours spent babysitting is sometimes all it takes to remind me of that.

While cancer is all to real and painful, it CAN be beaten. Don't be afraid to see a doctor or ask for help when needed. And be sure to hold the hand of those suffering for you may never know what they are truly going through. All donations are still greatly appreciated towards the AVON cause if you visit my Personal Page