Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hard Work Pays Off

I cannot believe how fast this semester is going by. It feels like just yesterday that I was learning about assessing vitals signs and how to make a bed with hospital corners. I remember all to well how nervous I was on my first clinical day in the hospital. I used to be so worried that I would be disturbing my patients by doing all of the things my instructor was asking me to do. Looking back though, I fully understand all that she had taught me and the importance of being a persistent nurse.

When we started out in the hospital system, we were simply there to learn about interacting with the patients, how to properly take vital signs, and how to chart our assessments; and that all seemed like an impossible work load. I honestly used to come home from the hospital and have mild panic attacks. I could not imagine how I was going to learn enough about being a nurse before graduation. Despite my uncontrollable anxiety, I survived my junior year of nursing school; which seems like the equivalent of finishing the Tour de France. As a senior now, half way through my second to last semester (I can't believe I just said that) my confidence and my skills have made me less anxious and more excited for the future of my nursing career.

I no longer see my patients as scary monsters that are just waiting for me to crack under pressure and I no longer worry about waking up my patients in order to check their blood sugar. I have finally realized that the majority of patients will value me and my care more if I am constantly checking on them and monitoring their bodies throughly for any acute changes. It is my job to recognize the early signs of complications in order to maintain the patient's safety and health. In order to provide patients with the care necessary to promote their health, it is critical that I assess them from head to toe as often as possible.

When I had decided to write this blog, I not only wanted to spread awareness about breast cancer, but I also wanted to shed some light onto the life of a nursing major. So many people are afraid of nursing school because of the insane amount of work load; and others are just disgusted by blood and other bodily fluids. However, nursing is one of the most rewarding careers out there. For those who have ever considered becoming a nurse, I highly recommend it. Do not hold back because you do not think you will be able to handle it, trust me, you can. I have some how managed to make it to my senior year while balancing a job and while being enrolled in the honors college. While these last three years have been incredibly challenging, it was worth all of the sleepless nights and panic attacks.

Nursing school requires an incredible amount of determination and hard work, as does walking 39.3 miles. While I am incredibly nervous to walk such a long distance, I am also excited. I had a friend tell me the other day that I should be proud of myself for raising so much money and for doing such an awesome thing. However, until she had said that, I never took the time to step back and realize all that I have achieved thus far. I have not yet reached my goal of $5,000 but I am half way there and it feels awesome to say that. Even if I do not reach that goal, I will be proud of myself. This walk is about more than the money; it is about raising awareness. In less than three weeks, my mother, sister, aunt, and several close family friends will gather in Charlotte, NC to support me as I walk. Melissa and her oldest daughter will also be there and I know this weekend will be something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

As the walk gets closer and closer, I get even more nervous. However, I know that if I can make it through nursing school for three years, than I can do this!

Please help me get even closer to my goal of $5,000 by donating here. I am half way there but every dollar makes a difference and can save a life.