Monday, October 1, 2012

Shopping for a Cause

October is officially here and I could not be more excited. It is that time of the year when the seasons change and the world is overcome with pink. Breast cancer awareness has taken this country by storm. Celebrities, clothing companies, restaurants, the NFL, and even the White House have gone pink.

I hope that through out this month I can help to educate everyone about breast cancer, in all of its forms. Wether it is about prevent, diagnoses, or treatment, there is so much information right at our finger tips. However, most of us find articles and educational sites related to medical care down right boring. So, my goal is to bring breast cancer to another level. I hope to provide you with the knowledge you need without putting you to sleep. 

However, since I have spent the majority of my day studying text books and taking practice exams, I believe a little retail therapy is necessary. I have found several items worthy of purchasing... if only my bank account could afford them all! 

Under Armour's Power in Pink collection will donate 10% of the proceeds directly to breast cancer centers and charities.

Asics special edition collection will directly benefit Christina Applegate's Right Action for Women. I am most certainly eyeing up those pink shoes!

That Starbuck's gold card no longer holds any value... I'll take one of these please. I found this along with several other cute items through Oprah's website.

And just to remind all the men out there that BOTH genders can support the cause, the NFL will also be promoting breast cancer awareness in every game this month and also through it's special edition apparel and other items. 

There are countless organizations and companies currently raising awareness about breast cancer through selling us all kinds of products. But let us not forget the true purpose of this month - to raise awareness and to raise money in hopes of becoming one step closer to a cure.

For those not interested in shopping but that still wish to donate, please visit my Avon page.